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Designed to last

VTI products are known for their excellent quality, performance and reliability. Everything originates in our development and design department. We challange the status quo and always do our utmost to exceed given standards – for maximum safety.

Test laboratory

The core of our development deparment

Our test laboratory accompanies our engineers throughout all stages of a project – from individual test station designs up to prototype and pilot series testing.
Besides being indispensable for upgrades and new developments, it is also used for everyday performance tests of modified customer specifications as well as for in-house approval tests with the corresponding notified bodies. Due to our large number of versatile test equipment, we can carry out a wide range of tests directly in-house, that by far exceed most of the standards.

Testing methods in our laboratory

Life cylce test station

In order to ensure, that our products meet all demands in the long term as well, we test them on our life cylce test station, where the reality is simulated under intensified conditions.

  • cycle test up to 580bar
  • simultanous testing of three different objects with different test characteristics
ageing process simulation

True to our slogan „designed to last“, our products are know for their excellent quality, performance and reliability. In order to ensure this, in our test laboratory we let them age artificially, so that in case of any possible weaknesses we can take action right from the beginning.

  • salt spray cabinet (own testing station)
    • Tmin: RT + 5 °C
    • Tmax in the salt spray area: 50 °C
    • Tmax with condensed water: 42 °C
  • stress corosion with ammonia (in climate cabinet)
climate cabinets

From tropical climate to freezing temperatures – our products are used all over the world and are therefore facing various climate conditions. We can simulate all these conditions in our climate cabinets, in order to ensure the proper function of our products at all conditions.

  • leakage tests at temperatures from – 72 to + 180 °C
  • climate tests at temperatures from + 10 to 95 °C and humidities from + 10 to 98 % (relative humidity)
Further testing equipment
  • flow measurements from 0,01 l/min up to 8000 l/min
  • hidrostatic tests up to 1400 bar (and even up to 1900 bar at the testing station in our production)
  • heat tests up to 300 °C in our circulating air oven as well as up to 1.280 °C in our high temperature oven


Our prototyping allows us a fast and flexible production of samples for multiple purposes, such as design testing and approval procedures as well as small series and showcase samples for our customers. Additionally we can also rework on tools for our machines and produce devices as well as turning and drilling parts for internal purposes.