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Best partners for best products

In order to be able to produce, we require material. Thus, the quality of our products consequently depends on the performance of our suppliers as well. Moreover, the high standards that our customers demand of us must be fulfilled and practiced by our vendors as well.

This includes among others:  

  • outstanding quality (zero-defects)
  • delivery reliability and flexibility
  • innovative products at competitive prices
  • continuous Improvement process and Lean-Thinking
  • high quality thinking and acting

VTI therefore strives for strong and long-term supplier relationsships – the basis for all this forms our sourcing policy.

Sourcing policy

Purchasing management principles
  • establishing and developing long-term partnerships
  • focus on key suppliers
  • optimization of supply chain management
  • improvement of our suppliers‘ performance in terms of product quality and delivery reliability
Terms and conditions of purchase

For purposes of unification and simplification of the procurement process, you can find our valid General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Ordering here:

General terms and conditions of purchasing of VTI Ventil Technik GmbH

Quality guidelines

Our procurement quality guidelines are essential for a close partnership as well as for the continuous improvement of the entire procurement process, the quality and the productivity. This includes among others:

  • effective and standard compliant quality assurance system
  • zero defect strategy
  • large quality inspections as well as control plans and work instructions

You will find all relevant documents in our suppliers‘ portal.




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