Are you safe enough?

The German Fire Protection Association (GFPA) has just recently added the installation of an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) in breathing apparatus valves to its directive vfdb RL 0810 Anhang 02/DGUV205-014 .

You need to be careful!

Investigations in our laboratory have revealed that not every EFV on the market meets the new directive of the GFPA completely.
According to the new directive, the safety device should activate both in case the valve is broken off as well as when it is opened unintentionally. Only valves with such EFVs that fulfil both requirements qualify for the unified marking with a blue handwheel.         
With our VTI EFV you can be absolutely sure without checking – it meets both requirements.

Attention: Make sure to check / verify

There are EFVs on the market, which only activate when the valve is broken off but not in case of unintentional opening and therefore only fulfil one of the two requirements. These safety devices do not qualify for the marking with a blue handwheel.                  
For assistance in inspecting the EFVs (in form of distinguishing criteria, details of our test results etc.) simply contact us.

When to convert / retrofit

The GFPA recommends to retrofit the valves with such an EFV during the next revision of the breathing air cylinders
The conversion of the blue handwheels can be done separately from that.

What you will need for the conversion / retrofitting

Following options are available: :

  • handwheel service kits consisting of: blue handwheel, handwheel disc and hexagonal nut (resp. ratchet ring, pressure spring,  spring cup and countersunk screw for ratchet handwheels)
  • conversion kits consisting of handwheel blue, EFV version
  • EFV single
  • handwheel single

(For exact article numbers / specifications please contact our sales team.)

What exactly is an Excess Flow Valve (EFV)?

In case of a sudden release of the cylinder content (e.g. by an unintentional opening or a broken-off valve), the Excess Flow Valve (EFV) reduces the flow and thus prevents the cylinder from flying around and causing damages to property and / or injury to persons in the worst case.

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