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Referring to our announcement from 09/2019 on LinkedIn, our breathing air valves have been already approved according to the new EN144:2018, are available for delivery – additionally to our standard product program – and are even safer.

What’s new?

In former tenders in was already demanded due to the higher level of safey: the conformity of breathing air valves with the new standard EN144:2018.        According to this new standard, a valve has not only to be in full after an impact of 120 Joule, but it also has to pass a leakage test without objection.

Never heard of it before?

However, as there was no adequate solution on the market at that time, tenders have been amended and requirements had been reduced again – wrong as we think, because when it comes to safety you should always strive for the very best.
We immediately took this to heart and are proud that we were the first manufacturer that mastered this challenge.

With us you’re always one step ahead!

Since a solution is available, future tenders can and will include this demand again. And while others will have to throw in their towel, you can shine. Keep us in mind!

Do all valves have to be replaced now?

As the new standard EN144:2018 has not been harmonized yet, we will have two separate product programs for the time being.

What does this mean for valve maintenance?

Don’t worry – all inner parts and accessories of our standard product program stay the same and can of course be used for the valves according to the new EN144:2018 as well.

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Christa Evans

Sales Manager AIRcontrol
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