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Our new FIREcontrol pressure regulator CFR for the use in stationary non-liquified inert gas extinguishing systems is now finally VdS approved and ready for serial production!
Check out its key benefits and features in the video or below at a glance:  

constant flow

lowers the pressure in the pipework and provides a constant gas flow during the complete extinguishing process

VdS approved

plus UL approval in process

back pressure safe

withstands full inlet pressure on the outlet port and thus complies with the additional pressure resistance test at the regulator outlet in accordance with the latest VdS testing specification

wide system compatibility

no need for you to change already existing systems, due to its compatible and easy fit

flexible installation

compact dimensions and 360° rotatable outlet connection for individual, precise installation

Click here for more detailed product information and the corresponding data sheet. For inquiries etc. feel free to contact

Kai Poggel

Business Development Manager
Tel.: + 49 (0) 2373 935-454
Mobile: +49 152 54 58 35 31

Uwe Elgert

Sales Manager FIREcontrol
Tel.: +49 (0) 2373 935-451
Mobile: +49 175 26 11 224

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