UN ECE-R134 certified TPRD Middle Plug and End Plug

Hydrogen-powered trucks and buses - The climate-friendly future of the transport sector

The rapid development of the hydrogen market has sparked increased interest in recent years, particularly in the context of using hydrogen as fuel for trucks and buses. These advancements mark a crucial step towards sustainable and emission-free transportation solutions.

Hydrogen-powered trucks and buses equipped with fuel cells and combustion engines have proven to be a promising alternative to traditional diesel and gasoline models. The key advantage lies in the significant reduction of carbon emissions without range disadvantages. While conventional vehicles release pollutants into the atmosphere, hydrogen-powered vehicles only produce water as a byproduct, making them a true environmentally friendly option.

Another significant advantage is the impressive range of hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles. Compared to battery-electric vehicles, the high energy density of hydrogen enables a longer driving distance, which is especially crucial for the transportation sector. Long-haul trucks and buses can navigate their routes without the need for frequent charging or refueling stops, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

VTI – Innovation leader in safety valves and TPRD technology

VTI has been active in the CNG market with TPRD (Thermal Pressure Relief Device) technology for more than 20 years. Our products are used in tank systems for buses and trucks as well as in transport systems for supplying e. g. hydrogen filling stations or storage systems for industrial applications.

UN ECE-R134 certified TPRD Middle Plug and End Plug

The TPRD plugs are part of our AlternativeFUELcontrol product range, which includes valves and safety elements for the use of alternative fuels in cars, trucks, buses and stationary CNC systems.

The key facts of the plugs:

  • Application: hydrogen-powered vehicles and transport / storage systems
  • UN ECE-R134 certified
  • One design for all pressure ranges up to 700 bar
  • 360° rotatable and removeable vent line connection port for fast and flexible installation
  • Visible glass bulb for faster heat detection and quality control
  • Easy and T-less connections to other End Plug TPRDs

For more information, data sheets and technical drawings, please contact:

Kai Poggel
Head of Sales

Phone: + 49 (0) 2373 935-454
Mobile: +49 152 54 58 35 31
E-Mail: poggel@vti.de

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