For fire suppression and fire extinguishing systems

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Valves and accessories for fire suppression and fire extinguishing systems


In our business unit FIREcontrol everything is centered on the protection of life and limb as well as buildings, vehicles and other assets against damages by fire.
As fires can occur everywhere, our FIREcontrol products, installed in mobile and stationary fire extinguishing and suppression systems, can also be found everywhere – among others

  • in buildings
  • on ships
  • on offshore platforms
  • in vehicles
  • in airplanes
  • in industrial plants
  • in server rooms

FIREcontrol products are suitable for Ar, N2, CO2, inert gases, chemical extinguishing agents such as HFC227 [FM 200] and NOVEC 1230, water, dry powder, aerosols and halon.

FIREcontrol - Products


Quick release valves

for an immediate discharge of the entire extinguishing medium.

Pressure regulators

for high-pressure gas extinguishing systems and CAFS systems

Release units

manually, pneumatically and/or electro-pneumatically


for an intermittent discharge of the extinguishing medium.


Connection sets and adapters

Certificates and approvals

  • quality management system acc. to ISO 9001:2015 by LRQA
  • authorisation certificate BAM-TPED-beP-2011/001 acc. with Directive 2010/35/EU in conjunction with subsection RID/ADR
  • VdS certificate „Approval of Components and Systems K85-xx.0-Sxx‘ (high-pressure container valves and actuators) and ‚K19-318.0‘ (hoses)“
  • VdS certificate „approved production facility for VdS approved products


Uwe Elgert

Sales Manager FIREcontrol

Phone: +49 (0) 2373 935-451
Fax: +49 (0) 2373 935-444

Customized solutions

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