For medical practice, home care, emergency services and long-term oxygen therapy

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High pressure valves, pressure regulators, VIPR and accessories for medical gas supply


Our business unit MEDcontrol offers reliable solutions for the increasing requirements in the use of medical gases

  • in hospitals
  • in medical practice
  • for emergency services
  • for HomeCare

MEDcontrol products such as valves, pressure regulators and valve integrated pressure regulators (VIPR) are used for medical emergency care, long-term oxygen therapy and various other applications.

MEDcontrol - Products


Pressure regulators

for the administration of medical gases from gas cylinders up to 300 bar


for the provision of a defined flow for therapeutic purposes

Low pressure hoses

for secure connection of compressed gas resp. vacuum extraction points to the connections of medical devices

Valve integrated pressure regulators (VIPR)

for the administration of medical gases from gas cylinders up to 300 bar

Gas cylinder valves

for medical gases up to 300 bar


Protection cages – for the protection of attached parts during transport



For the service and maintenance of our medical pressure regulators please contact our service and sales partner BEXAMED.

Siegelsdorfer Str. 15
DE-90768 Fürth
Phone: +49 911-971 198-0
Fax: +49 911-971 198-22

Service and maintenance may only be carried out by authorised specialised companies. Only original VTI spare parts and lubricants specified by VTI may be used.

Certificates and

  • quality management system acc. to EN ISO 13485:2016 for Medical Device
  • EC Certificate of Conformity acc. to Council Directive 93/42/EEC Annex II without section 4
  • authorisation certificate BAM-TPED-beP (2011/001) acc. with Directive 2010/35/EU in conjunction with subsection RID/ADR


Sarah Schimkat

Team Lead Order Management

Phone: +49 2373 935-561
Fax: +49 (0) 2373 935-444

Customized solutions

Looking for a customized product solution for MEDcontrol?