For technical and aggressive gases

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Gas cylinder and drum valves for technical and aggressive gases


Our TECHcontrol products are specially designed for the use of technical and aggressive gases. The gas cylinder and drum valves are installed in gas cylinders as well as in pressure vessels and are used for both industrial and everday life applications – such as

  • in the chemical industry
  • in the food and beverage industry
  • in laboratory equipment
  • in swimming pools
  • in wineries
  • in the construction industry

Common gases used for TECHcontrol applications are for example testing gases, refrigerants, technical (flammable/non-flammable) as well as aggressive gases such as chlorine, ammonia, SO2, SF6 and various others.

Connections according to national and international standards.

TECHcontrol - Products


Gas cylinder valves

for technical and aggressive gases

Drum valves

for the use in drums

Pressure regulators

e.g. calibration gas regulators for testing gas cylinders


for transportation and storage

Certificates and approvals

  • quality management system acc. to ISO 9001:2015 by LRQA
  • authorisation certificate BAM-TPED-beP (2011/001) acc. with Directive 2010/35/EU in conjunction with subsection RID/ADR


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