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Pressure regulators

In our business unit TECHcontrol we offer a wide range of customized pressure regulators. Their applications are e.g. specifically designed calibration gas regulators for testing gas cylinders or mini CO2 pressure regulators for the carbonation of drinking water at home.

VTI has recently added testing gas regulators to its standard product programme. This programm will be gradually extended.

for testing / calibration gases K631-111

Pressure regulator for calibration gas applictions. For the use in testing gas cylinders with 5/8 valves.

  • fixed set volume flow (Q1) 0,5 l/min
  • working pressure: <4 bar
  • bursting pressure: 70 bar
  • material: brass, nickel plated
  • sealing material: FKM, EPDM
  • with outlet hose

The VTI pressure regulator features a constant volume flow over the entire admission pressure span. The cylinder content can be used to its full extent to a minimum pressure of 5 bar. Due to its high utilization, the regulator offers significant advantages in terms of economy and sustainability.


Anja Berthold

Sales Manager TECH/MEDcontrol

Phone: +49 (0) 2373 935-409
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