Huge in-house production depth for high flexibility

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Nothing ordinary

Individual customer requirements demand products that are just as customized. That‘s why you won’t find any ordinary, ready-made products at VTI. With our huge in-house production depth we set standards in the valve industry. We conciously decided not to follow the trend of global supply chains and external production, as these are highly susceptible to risks. We can manufacture the majority of components for our products by ourselves and thus always maintain the control, flexibility and quality.

Your added value in this:

  • customized solutions – even in small batch sizes
  • fast and flexible production
  • supply of niche markets
  • Best-in-Class quality made in Germany


Flexibility and precision

In addition to high precision and the latest technologies in machining, our large machinery provides us with the necessary flexibility to realize even the most complex customer requirements in a short time.

Transfer machines

Brands: Porta, Diedesheim


  • body production for all product areas (brass)
  • several machining operations simultaneously
  • very suitable for big batch sizes due to short running times (approx. 25-40 sec. per part)

New in: Portacenter

  • combines the productivity of CNC transfer machines with the flexibility of CNC machining centers
  • simultaneous machining by 3 independent machining cells (with space for up to 72 tools)
  • latest machine and control technology
  • very suitable for small batch sizes due to extremely short set-up times of only 1-2 hours

CNC machines

Brands: Mazak, Chiron, DMG


  • single drilling, turning and milling operations in a row
  • precise machining of brass, stainless steel and aluminium

New in: universal machining center „DMU 40 eVo linear“

  • 5-axes simultaneous machining with proven swivel rotary table
  • various manual drilling, turning and milling operations
  • several spindle options
  • production of own clamping jaws  
  • higher flexibility, quality and precision of production

Turning machines

Brands: Index


  • production of turned and small parts made from bars (brass, stainless steel, aluminium)


First-class composition

In our assebling, all components are perfectly combined to an end product, which is put to a final 100% leakage test and then packed up for dispatch.


For the assembly of our products we have a variety of different systems, devices, machines and work stations, including

  • separate room for the assembly of our medical products
  • laser system for individual product markings
  • packing machine for spare parts
  • sevaral screwdriver systems for time-efficient assembly
  • cleaning station for oxygen cleaning

Lean Production

For a continuous optimazation of our production processes, we have introduced the one-pice-flow in our assembling. This enables us a more efficient use of all production factors as well as to avoid waste in form of overproduction, long lead times or time consuming reworks. Hence, we can continuously optimize both our productivity as well as the quality of our products and are overall much more flexible.

Job Rotation

In our assembling we work according to the priciple of job rotation. With this systematic rotation our team can both strengthen and expand their expertise which qualifies them for multiple positions in our assembling. This enables us to significantly increase the internal flexibility and motivation as well as to prevent work monotony and one-sided strains.

100% leakage test

Each assembled end product is checked for leakages on our nitrogen-helium test stations during and at the end of every assembling process. In addition, the product function is tested constantly, for example with flowmeters for our medical pressure regulators or on test stations for calibration gases. Not a single end product leaves VTI without being tested!

Quality assurance

Quality leader for good reason

Our good reputation as a quality leader in valve production does not come by chance: It is of utmost importance for us to assure the perfect performance and thus the highest safety of our products. This is why our processes are optimized continuously and our products are checked throughout all stages of production. This includes  

  • quality inspections (goods receipt and shipping, poduction, in-house inspection service)
  • test scheduling (machining, assembling, goods receipt)
  • inspection of measuring and testing equipment
  • complaint management (supplier, internal, customer)
  • process optimization

Quality assurance

3D coordinate measuring machine „TESA MICRO-HITE 3D“
  • versatile measuring machine for geometric inspection of separate workpieces
  • automated measurements with high precision and repeatablity
  • insepction of dimensions, distances, angles as well as deviations in form and position
optical shaft measuring machine „Mahr Marshaft SCOPE 250 plus“ & „TESA SCAN 50“
  • optoelectronic wave meter for rotationally symmetrical workpieces
  • static and dynamic measurement of lengths, diameters, threads and many more
  • compact and robust design for production internal usage
contour measuring station „MarSurf XC 2 mit CD 120“
  • surface measurement technology
  • measurement of roughness and waviness on small and medium sized workpieces
Impact test stand „Präzima VKP 300J-2000“
  • for impact tests on valve bodies
  • impact energy: 40 – 300 Joule
manual video measuring microscope TESA Visio 200
  • quick and easy measurement of geometric elements as well as tolerances in for and position
further measuring equipment
  • various gauges and portable measuring instruments