Manual valves

Manual shut-off valves with handwheel or key operation.

The manual valves are equipped with our patented thermally controlled glass bulb TPRD as well as with an Excess Flow Valve (EFV). They can be optionally equipped with an additional pressure controlled bursting device.

The TPED approved MV260 has been installed in twenty-five 40 feet CNG storage containers and in a hydrogen storage container for a project in South America.


  • small, compact CNG valve
  • application: e.g. in CNG powered vehicles in the Asian economic area
  • opened by handwheel or key operation
  • remains open during operation
  • robust construction and easy handling
  • working pressure of max. 250 bar, working temperature from -40 °C to +85 °C
  • optional installation of various safety elements (e.g. PRD with 325 or 405 bar release pressure, TPRD with a release temperature of 110 °C +/- 10 °C)
  • cylinder connection 25E, 1,125“ -12UNF (others on request)
  • optionally with double radial o-ring seal
  • standard equipped with an EFV
  • approved in accordance with ECE R110, ISO 15500, ANSI/AGA NGV3.1, CCoE und TPED

MV250 & MV250 L

  • application: e.g. in CNG powered buses and trucks of Hyundai, Daewoo und Tata
  • with external ventilation (eV) – vent line connection for discharging the gas flow of the cylinder through a tube into areas where pedestrians are not endangered (e.g. above the bus roof)
  • standard equipped with TPRD, EFV and ergonomically shaped handwheel
  • optional installation of a PRD
  • connection thread according to customer request
  • MV250L light weight version of the MV250 (weight reduction of approx. 30%)
  • approved in accordance with ECE R110, ISO 15500, ANSI/AGA NGV3.1 und KGSC


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