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Pressure regulators

The pressure regulators are designed for the administration of medical gases from gas cylinders up to 300 bar during the treatment and care of patients, operating independently of a fixed gas supply system.

It is connected to the outlet connection of a cylinder valve and reduces the high cylinder pressure to a low, constant value. This constant low pressure (back pressure) enables the provision of a defined flow which is largely independent of the cylinder pressure.

The MEDcontrol pressure regulator series "Ergo" is focused on

higher safety

  • additional shock absorber on the back of the pressure gauge
  • easier mounting on the valve (without any tools) due to inlet fitting with ergonomic plastic sheathing

easy and ergonomic operation

  • easy adjustment of the regulator due to ergonomically shaped handwheel

appealing design and high-class surface look

  • matt chrome plated brass parts
  • consistent design concept (ergonomically shaped handwheel, shock absorber and fitting

All common inlet and outlet connections according to ISO 5145 or national standards.  

Without aluminium. Without halogenated plastics

Type SELECT Ergo

  • staged adjustable pressure regulator
  • 12 flow settings from 0 / 0,1 - … max. 30 l/min
  • optionally with up to 2 additional pressure outlets

Type PICO Ergo

  • fixed adjustable pressure regulator
  • optionally with flow outlet or max. 2 pressure outlets


  • continuously adjustable pressure regulator
  • from 0 / 0,1 - … max. 30 l/min

Type MAXI & type EXACT Ergo

  • dual-stage pressure regulator (double piston regulator)
  • continuously adjustable: Type MAXI
  • fix adjustable: Type EXACT Ergo


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