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Valve integrated pressure regulators (VIPR)

The valve integrated pressure regulators (VIPR) are designed for the administration of medical gases from gas cylinders up to 300 bar during the treatment and care of patients.

The integrated pressure regulator is connected to cylinders containing medical gases and reduces the high pressure inside the cylinder to a low pressure. The flow outlet is equipped with a permanently attached hose nipple. This outlet is intended for the direct gas supply oft he patients e.g. by means of a breathing mask or a nasal cannula.

Do not use the flow outlet to operate downstream medical instrumentation or other flow controllingfacilities. For this purpose the pressure regulator may be equipped with an additional pressure outlet.Inlet and outlet connections according to international standards.

Both regulators hold high class 300 bar technique inside.

Type MediLight

  • compact, lightweight, precise, modular
  • optional with flow outlet and / or pressure outlet
  • 12 flow settings with adjustment from 0  / 0,1 - … max. 25 l/min


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